VeChain Thor (VET) Price



Market Cap


24h Volume


Total Supply

8,671,263,446,600 VET

Circulating Supply

5,545,473,480,000 VET

Latest blocks

Latest transactions

TX# 0x774beb0364dbbc5...
Value: 1,449.000000000000000000 VET
1,449.000000000000000000 VET Date
78 days
TX# 0x27f2705114100dd...
Value: 70,170.000000000000000000 VET
70,170.000000000000000000 VET Date
78 days
TX# 0x2334fa03ff46d8f...
Value: 2,250.099999999999909051 VET
2,250.099999999999909051 VET Date
78 days
TX# 0x81d8d01e92ef611...
Value: 25,885.887999999999010470 VET
25,885.887999999999010470 VET Date
78 days
TX# 0xa91d5a3e1fe1615...
Value: 1,000.000000000000000000 VET
1,000.000000000000000000 VET Date
78 days
TX# 0x1db4ddac11a571c...
Value: 500.000000000000000000 VET
500.000000000000000000 VET Date
78 days
TX# 0xa74d63ddb92e839...
Value: 100.000000000000000000 VET
100.000000000000000000 VET Date
78 days
TX# 0x50a256b4bca9b91...
Value: 4,006.600400000000263390 VET
4,006.600400000000263390 VET Date
78 days

On June 30 VeChain launched their mainnet starting the migration from Ethereum. VeScan is the first online block explorer for VeChain. You will be able to search all blocks, transactions and accounts.

VeScan is a work in progress so not all functionality is finished yet. We are working very hard to add new functionality on a daily basis. Feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions.